Our company

The company CZECH HERMEX, s.r.o. was founded in 1993. Its original focus was the design and manufacture of paintball guns. It gradually changed its focus to conducting foreign trade in military equipment and weapons production. It also trades in unnecessary material of the Army of the Czech Republic.

Undoubtedly, it did not belong, does not belong and will not belong to the largest companies in this field in the Czech Republic, which, however, allows it to pay close attention to even smaller business cases. As one of the few, it is ready to engage in the import and export of military equipment for collectors, if this equipment is military material.

It also devalues ​​or demilitarizes military weapons and military equipment for collectors and museums, even according to the requirements of foreign customers.

At present, the company operates in offices on the outskirts of Prague, it also has office, production and storage facilities in the Central Bohemian region.

He also represents foreign companies in specific cases in tenders of the Army of the Czech Republic.

As follows from the previous, it holds a Permit to conduct foreign trade in military equipment, with a relatively large range of groups of military equipment and the maximum possible territorial scope.

The company is a member of the Association of Manufacturers and Sellers of Weapons and Ammunition, a collective member of the Association of Reserve Brigades.

CZECH HERMEX, s.r.o. is certified according to ISO 9001: 2016 standards.